The programme started in 1990 as a fully funded mature entry two-year programme. From 1995, it became a fee paying full-time programme and later became a week-end programme. The focus in this course is to ensure that organizations are able to achieve success through people. In this case the programme develops high-commitment management practices that recognize that employees are valued stakeholders in the organization and help to develop a climate of cooperation and mutual trust. It provides a comprehensive theory on the structure and functioning of modern work organizations and their interdependence with the wider social, political, economic, and technological environment.

Among other things, the programme focuses on the following modules:

  • human resource planning,
  • human resource development,
  • industrial relations,
  • conflict resolution and
  • management.

A specialized programme that aims at producing graduates with rigorous gender analysis skills to promote gender equality and equity awareness and their relevance in all spheres of our lives.

The programme allows students to gain a better understanding of women’s roles in history and see how aspects of gender, race, class, sex, age, sexual orientation, and health contribute to complex social relationships.

The programme is designed to produce human resources in gender studies for public, non-governmental, and private organisationsA specialized programme that trains social welfare providers in theory and practice of the social work profession. Students admitted in this programme are equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, values, ethics and competencies in theories, principles and concepts that govern the social work profession.

The programme also includes three field placements where students are attached to different organisations to gain more practical experience of the social work profession. This is an up and rising profession in Malawi and graduates have a wide range of career options available for them.The Bachelor of Social Science is one of the most sought after programmes in Malawi because of the employment opportunities it offers. This is a multidisciplinary programme that admits students with very good grades in Mathematics and English. Students that are admitted into this programme are allowed to major in any of the following areas: Demography, Economics, History, Psychology and Sociology.

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About Chancellor College

Chancellor College is the largest among the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi. Ever since its establishment, the college has produced graduates who have gone on to become leaders in various sectors of Malawian society.

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